PERFORMANCE // Alice Cohen & Delia Gonzalez // Saturday November 3, 7pm

“Sacred Rite” is a performative dinner theatre created by artists Alice Cohen and Delia Gonzalez. Inspired by Isis and the Rite of Rebirth, this masquerade performance comes to life with a ritual honoring female deities. Like a mystery dinner theatre, the artists will deliver a prompt upon serving the meal and the guests (the spectators) will embark upon a journey through the secret dimensions of their  innermost minds. From celebrating the female as the caretaker, the one who feeds, to ritualizing her in her highest form, Cohen and Gonzalez’ performance invokes the tradition of mediumistic circles, metaphysical channeling, and trance-work to stimulate the ecstatic energies of spiritual communion between Self and Deity. This cosmic cabaret of the inner planes opens up a celebratory space where the nurturing, earthbound elements of the hearth co-create with the Divine feminine in a feast of transformation.

Delia Gonzalez

Alice Cohen