Irina Georgieva >< Walking on Broken Glass >< July 2005


Irina Georgieva                                            

“Walking on Broken Glass”
29 June –  30 July 2005

Galerie Lisa Ruyter presents ‘Walking on Broken Glass’, the debut solo exhibition of Irina Georgieva from June 29 – July 30, 2005.

The exhibition consists of one large drawing installation and a few smaller works. Irina Georgieva’s sources for her diaristic constellations are reproductions of works by artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Tracy Emin, Yoshitomo Nara, etc., as well as photos of her own personal history, family, friends.

Georgieva unifies her combinations with her technique of using sepia ink, a method she learned in her native Bulgaria. Referencing an outmoded style of photography, this technique makes the play between images found and invented more mysterious; this is where Georgieva begins to insert her own free associations.

“These are the days of our lives” and  “A day in the life”, consist of drawings the size of snapshot photographs, and take their logic from the measuring of time.

In the installation ‘Hold the Line,’ Georgieva’s associations and connections have more of a narrative character, a story of her life as an artist in Vienna, complete with interruptions of family and fantasy, jealousy and admiration.

The artist lives and works in Vienna.