MONDAY October 8, 19h – 21h. // Screening of films by Antje Majewski & Juliane Solmsdorf.

Join us for a night of films by ƒƒ members and long-time collaborators Antje Majewski and Juliane Solmsdorf. /////

Bridge is a dance performance by Antje Majewski and Juliane Solmsdorf.

Erde Asphalt Wedding
Juliane Solmsdorf and Antje Majewski crawl on the asphalt of the streets around my studio in Berlin-Wedding. They come out of the canal and vanish behind a ramp at the local Jobcenter.

There is a procession, costumed and singing, bringing some colorful abstract paper gifts over the street from my studio to the canal, where they throw them into the water.

“At night I take a lamp outside my studio and light up my environment: bicycles, a huge wall, a car. I cross the street, dragging the cable that is plugged into the studio behind me. Now the light shows trees, branches. I color my face and hands with tempera paint and proceed to a sandy spot, where I lie down a birds nest, and into it some metall balls.” – Antje Majewski